Kaynine FAQs

1Does the steel thickness matter?
Yes, weight is one of the most important factors of your safes ability to protect from both burglary and fire. We use 3/8" AND 1/4' thick steel. These thicknesses that is rarely used among other safe manufactures as it not only increases the weight but the price of production.
2How are your safe bodies formed?
Our safe bodies are formed out of one sheet of steel this technique increases the strength of the body. Many companies will use multiple pieces in a thinner gauge that is then pieced together.
3Does the weight of the safe mean that it was made out of thick steel?
No, a majority of safes on the market are made of multiple materials that increase the weight without having to use a thicker steel. A top tail sign of this would be your door. While our safe doors are extremely heavy due to the steel thickness, most are filled with fillers to give the same effect often referred to as a composite door. If you can knock on the body or door and hear a hollowness chances are it is a very thin metal wrapped around a nonmetal material.
4Can I bolt my safe to the ground?
Yes, all of our safes come stock with four bolt home on the bottom.
5Why don't other companies list the thickness of their material?
Most companies will not list the thickness of their safe bodies and doors due to the fact they are using thin steel.
6Do you import any of your safes?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! We pride ourselves on being AMERICAN MADE! All of our safes are fabricated in our plant in Fresno, CA.
7What if I would like something more custom or have questions about something you don't offer on your site?
Feel free to call us at 559.266.4844 or send over and email to info@kayninesafes.com . We are more than happy to help and answer all your questions.
8Are your locks UL rated?
Yes. We use top of the line Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical and digital locks. For more information on UL rating or questions about your lock visit http://www.sargentandgreenleaf.com