Steel Thickness

Your choice of steel thickness range from 1/4” – 1” with a variety of Frame options

Prevents Theft

Vault doors are theft deterrents and can  protect your family as a panic room entrance

Fire Rated

Kaynine vault doors can stand up to intense heat and direct flame impingement


Why Choose A Vault Door

Transform any room into a safe room with our easy-to-install, customizable vault doors. Choose from standard or high-end finishes to match any decor. Our Patent-pending Panic Room Slider overrides locking mechanisms for added security. Perfect for both residential and commercial sites, new and existing construction. Protect your valuables and your loved ones with our vault doors.

Vault Door Features

Our doors feature an interior release to prevent you from being locked inside and a patent-pending panic room slider, unlike anything on the market. It is designed to prevent someone from entering the room even if they have the exterior code!

  • Steel Thickness

    Choose 1/4", 3/8",  1/2", or 1" thick steel and options for AR500 Metal & Bulletproof glass

  • Frame Options

    Inside or outside the door, C-Channel with rebar or alone, hidden door frame with mirror or cabinet attachment

  • Fire Rating

    30-minutes to 1 hour depending on steel thickness

  • Customizable

    Customize everything from the size, frame & lock/handle options, to the paint color, and finish.

  • Hand-Crafted Bolts

    Vault doors come with 12 ACTIVE 1" thick stainless-steel bolts, machined in-house!

  • Relocking System

    If the interior lock is destroyed, the re-locker engages, and the door requires a locksmith (and detailed instructions) to open

Vault Doors

The following vault doors are available by Kaynine Safe Co.

All our vault doors are manufactured in Fresno, CA, USA

Available Options


Does The Steel Thickness Matter?

Steel thickness is an important consideration when choosing a safe because it affects fire & theft protection and the weight of the safe.
Kaynine Safes are built with a standard steel thickness of a quarter inch (1/4") and we offer options up to one inch (1") thick. Note: thick, robust steel is not commonly used by many safe manufacturers, as it can increase the weight of the safe, which affects production costs and shipping.

How Can I Verify The Steel Thickness Of Any Safe On The Market?

Safe manufacturers that use thick steel are proud to display that information. If the steel thickness of a safe is not easily found, it's not important to them, or they don't want you to know. Kaynine Safes are built standard with 1/4" steel (upgraded thickness available).

How Are Your Safe Bodies Formed?

Our safe bodies are formed from one single sheet of steel, which increases the strength of the body. Beware of companies that use multiple, thin gauge layers pieced together to form the body.

Does The Weight Of The Safe Mean It's Made Of Thick Steel?

Does the weight of the safe mean that it was made out of thick steel?
No. Safe weight can be manipulated by using materials that increase the weight without using thick steel. Example: composite doors appear 4-6 inches deep, but they are mostly tubing with filler to give the illusion of a thick, secure door. Kaynine doors are solid steel, heavy, and provide unmatched protection.

Can I I Bolt My Safe To The Ground?

Yes. Kaynine Safes come standard with four ½" predrilled holes on the bottom end cap. Customize the location of your predrilled holes by requesting the change when ordering.

Do You Import Any Of Your Safes?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! We are proud to be AMERICAN-MADE! All Kaynine Safes are fabricated in our plant in Fresno, CA.

Are Kaynine Safes Rated For Dispensary And Insurance Needs?

The short answer is YES! However, industry standards change often, and some cities/states require more or less than others. If the information listed here doesn't fit your needs, we can design a safe that does in a timely fashion!

Can I Get A Custom Option Not On Your Site?

We are always willing to see what we can do. Please call us at 559.266.4844 or send an email to

Are Your Locks UL Rated?

YES. We use the top-of-the-line Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical and digital locks. For more information on UL rating or questions about your lock visit

Do You Offer Lock Types Not Listed On The Site?

Yes. In fact, we offer so many custom options it's overwhelming when listed all together. Kaynine Safes builds can customize any element of a build. For specific requests and options, shoot an email or call us!

Do You Deliver Out Of State?

Yes, we have contracts with many out-of-state locksmiths and installers that can assist with safe, vault door, and cash drop installations.

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