Small Footprint

The Cub is a perfect model for situations where space is limited

Prevents Theft

Safes are theft deterrents. Properly mount it for added security

Fire Rated

Kaynine Safes can stand up to intense heat and direct flame impingment


Why Choose The Cub

The Cub line is made entirely of ¼” steel, with the body being formed out of one piece of metal, thus eliminating soft spots and seems. Each Cub comes with 1” thick stainless steel handcrafted bolts and a custom relocking system. The bolts are active on the top/bottom/non-hinge side, and there are (3) ¼” thick steel plates on the hinge side. Perfect for your office, closet, or hiding space! Don’t let the size fool you – The Cub can hold its own! If you don’t believe us, compare the weight of our Cub to other safes on the market!

The Cub Features

Cub safe models are 20x20-inch at the base & available in 20, 30, or 48-inch heights

  • 1/4" Steel

    1/4" steel offers protection against theft and 30 minutes of fire protection.

  • 1-Piece Body

    Formed from a single piece of metal to eliminate soft spots and seams.

  • Fire Rating

    Fire rating is based on steel thickness and interior construction. Go with stock protection or upgrade.

  • Customizable

    Choose the options you want from color to dials, handles, interior layout lights and more

  • Hand-Crafted Bolts

    Cubs come with 7 x 1” thick Stainless Steel Bolts, with active bolts on 3 sides of the door & 3 x ¼” steel plates on the hinge side.

  • Relocking System

    If the interior lock is destroyed, the re-locker engages, and the door requires a locksmith (and detailed instructions) to open

Fire Lining Specifics

We take our fireproofing seriously and never cut corners. We offer one and two-hour additions. There are many misconceptions in the safe industry when it comes to fire lining. Buyer beware, if a safe's interior has more fireboard than metal - it offers minimal fire protection.

Check out our "What To Look For When Buying A Safe" checklist to be sure you get the best safe your money can buy!


The Cub Line

The following models are available in The Cub line by Kaynine Safe Co.

All our gun safes are manufactured in Fresno, CA, USA

Available Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Steel thickness is an important consideration when choosing a safe because it affects fire & theft protection and the weight of the safe.
Kaynine Safes are built with a standard steel thickness of a quarter inch (1/4") and we offer options up to one inch (1") thick. Note: thick, robust steel is not commonly used by many safe manufacturers, as it can increase the weight of the safe, which affects production costs and shipping.

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