Kaynine 3/8″ 24x48x72″ Gun Safe

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The Kaynine 3/8″ 24x48x72″ Gun Safe: Maximum security with 12 active 1” thick bolts, fire resistance, and customization options. Proudly made in the USA.

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Kaynine 3/8″ 24x48x72″ Gun Safe

Introducing the Kaynine 3/8″ 24x48x72″ Gun Safe, proudly manufactured in the USA by Kaynine Safe Company. This gun safe is not just a storage solution; it’s a fortress of maximum security and customization. Crafted from a single piece of 3/8″ thick steel and delivers unrivaled protection for your firearms and valuables.

Key Features:

Exceptional Durability: Constructed from a single piece of 3/8″ thick steel, this safe eliminates soft spots and seams, ensuring unmatched durability and security.

Maximum Security: With 12 active 1” thick stainless-steel bolts and a custom relocking system, unauthorized access is virtually impossible. Even if the interior lock is compromised, the re-locker engages, requiring a locksmith for access.

Ample Storage: Designed to hold up to 36 long guns

Tailored Organization: Customize the interior and exterior finishes, shelves, and hangers to meet your unique storage needs.

Fire Resistant: Rated for 45 minutes of fire protection, this safe ensures your valuables remain secure during unexpected fires. Upgrade options for 1 and 2 hours of fire protection are available.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 24″ Width x 48″ Height x 72″ Depth
  • Weight: 2208 lbs
  • Capacity: Up to 36 long guns

Invest in the pinnacle of security with the Kaynine Safe. Choose from various customization options to make it uniquely yours. When you select the Kaynine 3/8″ 24x48x72″ Gun Safe, you’re choosing unbeatable quality, strength, and peace of mind.

Secure your firearms. Protect your legacy. Get The Kaynine today.

Additional information

Weight 2208 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 48 × 72 in


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